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About My Practice

After much thought about how I run my practice, I have decided to run my practice in a way that provide clients a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental environment to express what they are feeling.

My process is the following:

The therapeutic relationship starts with the consultation – which gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and understand what services I am able to offer your specific case.

The first session is a 2.5 ‘Welcome to Therapy’ session where I gather information about your situation and your background to a greater degree, ranging from mental health to upbringing to current. I have a specific form of questions I utilize to guide the conversation.

Establish a schedule for your therapy sessions. Weekly sessions would be ideal for clients dealing with more emergent issues; every other week is typical for clients who have achieved stability; monthly sessions are typical for clients who are satisfied in life but would like to continue to check in with a professional.

I might give clients specific tasks to accomplish between sessions if clients are motivated to achieve better mental/social health in less time.

As a therapist, I take the stance of a mirror – I believe that my role is to provide tools and perspective; it’s the client’s role to bring motivation and goals.

In my experience, clients heal through a supportive, healthy professional “friendship” rather than a cold clinical approach. My goal is to establish a trusting healthy connection with my clients.

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